Local Pension Board Survey

Between 28 November 2017 and 26 January 2018, FRAs and their Local Pension Boards (LPBs) were invited to participate in a web-based survey to monitor the progress of LPBs since their establishment in legislation. The survey was designed to measure the engagement and compliance of boards, and to establish where targeted support could be offered to assist local boards.

During the survey period 37 total responses were received from 32 of the 44 LPBs, equating to an overall response rate of almost 73%. The results of the survey have now been collated and analysed, and we are pleased to present the final research report.

The LPB Effectiveness Committee would like to thank all boards that were able to submit a response for their participation in the survey, and for continuing to support the work of the SAB. The recommendations within the report will now be taken forward with the support of the Committee and the SAB. In the first instance, the SAB secretariat kindly requests that any missing or revised Terms of Reference are submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for inclusion on the Local Pension Boards page.